Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Sponsorship Dollars Don’t Always Buy the Most Media Coverage

By Dow Jones Insight Staff

Each of the 12 global sponsors for the Beijing Olympics has invested significant sums of money to attach its brand to the Games, but not all of them are getting their money’s worth in terms of press coverage yet. During the period of June 10-16, two companies had a combined 51% of all mentions of sponsor companies in conjunction with the Games in traditional and social media sources analyzed by Dow Jones Insight. Visa, with 115 mentions for 29%, and Coca-Cola, with 87 mentions for 22%, outpaced the rest of the global sponsors. McDonald’s was in third, with 54 of the 399 total mentions, followed by General Electric with 39. The remaining eight – Samsung, computer maker Lenovo, watch-maker Omega, Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, Atos Origin, the IT services company, Kodak and Manulife – have barely shown up yet.

Overall, mentions in social media (blogs and boards) made up only about 20% of all media mentions. Coca-Cola and McDonald’s received the most significant coverage in social media sources, with 32% and 33% of their overall coverage, respectively, coming from blogs and boards. For Visa, mentions in the social media accounted for only 13% of its overall coverage. Johnson & Johnson and Atos Origin received no mentions in the social media during the analyzed time period.

Methodology: Analysis includes 6,000 newspapers, wires, magazines, radio and TV transcripts; about 13,000 current-awareness news sites; 60,000 message boards and about two million blogs.

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